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Staying hydrated has always been a challenge for me, a lifelong struggle. Beyond its fundamental role in keeping us alive, water offers a plethora of benefits, from clear skin to a smoothly functioning digestive system. Sounds fantastic, right?

But let’s be honest; drinking water isn’t always a walk in the park. I tend to be an “all-or-nothing” person when it comes to hydration. I can either guzzle down a gallon a day or find myself at 5 pm with a pounding headache, realizing that all I’ve consumed are three decaf cappuccinos.

In my younger days, I had a fondness for sugary drinks like sweetened iced teas, vitamin waters, and fruit juices. However, as I’ve matured, I’ve made an effort to kick that habit (among others).

Yet, the struggle remains, and the thought of plain water often lacks allure. It lacks pizazz! That’s what initially piqued my interest in the Cirkul bottle, a unique water bottle that comes with flavor cartridges.

Intrigued, I decided to purchase the Cirkul bottle and provide an honest review of my experience with this TikTok-famous hydration solution.

Would it finally motivate me to consume more water? Could Cirkul be the answer to my ongoing hydration dilemmas? Or would it end up abandoned in my closet, joining the ranks of my other forgotten purchases?

Join me as I delve into an in-depth Cirkul water bottle review to uncover the truth.

 Cirkul Water Bottles
Cirkul Water Bottles

What Is Cirkul and How Does It Operate?

At a cursory glance, a Cirkul bottle might seem like your run-of-the-mill water container. You’re presented with a choice between stainless steel and plastic bottles, each offering a variety of colors and sizes. The stainless steel variant boasts double walls for optimal insulation, while the plastic version lacks this feature. Notably, plastic Cirkul bottles are safe for the dishwasher, whereas their stainless steel counterparts are not.

However, what truly distinguishes Cirkul is its ingenious Comfort Grip Lid.

This lid boasts a wide aperture that accommodates interchangeable flavor cartridges, each containing zero-calorie flavorings. The flavor options span from unsweetened fruit essences to indulgent treats like vanilla iced coffee.

What’s particularly nifty is that these cartridges include a flavor dial, putting you in control of the flavor’s intensity.

The brilliance lies in the mouthpiece, cleverly situated within the cartridge itself. It’s the last stop on your water’s journey before it touches your lips.

In essence, Cirkul performs a magical transformation, turning plain water into your preferred flavor profile. Whether you fancy a tropical blast, fruit punch, mixed berry juice, or even a caramel iced coffee, Cirkul has you covered.

An important note: Each flavor is sugar-free, and some come with added benefits like B vitamins, caffeine, or electrolytes. It’s a hydration experience tailored to your preferences and nutritional needs.

Many individuals avoid drinking water because they perceive it as dull and uninteresting. Cirkul was conceived with the aim of encouraging people to consume more water in the most hassle-free manner possible.

The concept for a water bottle equipped with flavor cartridges initially germinated in the minds of its founders, Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay, during their time as college football players at Dartmouth.

At its core, the Cirkul water bottle seeks to offer individuals a means to elevate their water intake while presenting a viable alternative to both sports drinks and flavored beverages.

Cirkul endeavors to rival the extensive flavor variety found in carbonated drinks, all while maintaining a calorie count of zero.

The Cirkul system also carries a degree of eco-friendliness, thanks to its reusable cartridges, which help diminish plastic waste. However, it’s important to note that these cartridges are not indefinitely reusable, and thus, the environmental impact isn’t as minimal as simply drinking plain water from a reusable bottle.

Although the company was founded in 2018, its breakthrough moment occurred in early 2021 when the Cirkul bottle gained immense popularity on TikTok.

This surge in popularity led to a significant partnership with Walmart, where Cirkul has risen to become one of the top-performing products within the home appliances department.

Since then, Cirkul has experienced rapid growth and has established a strong presence in the water bottle market, showcasing its impressive performance and promising future prospects

Cirkul Water Bottle Review: My Comprehensive Experience

 Cirkul Water Bottles
Cirkul Water Bottles

For the purpose of providing an unbiased review, I decided to dive into the Cirkul water bottle experience by opting for the starter kit bundle.

The starter kit bundle operates on a unique discount system: the more you spend, the higher the percentage discount you receive. This incentivizes purchasing a Cirkul bottle alongside a selection of flavors in one go, potentially netting you a substantial discount of up to 35%.

In my personal starter kit selection, I opted for the 22-ounce stainless steel bottle in an elegant shade of grey, accentuated with an orange comfort grip lid. To complement this, I assembled an array of flavors from various categories.

Cirkul refers to these flavor cartridges as “Sips,” and they are organized into several distinct categories. In my purchase, I ventured into four of them: “GoSips” (featuring caffeine), “LifeSips” (boasting B vitamins), “FitSips” (packed with electrolytes), and “PureSips” (now rebranded as “Puressence”) offering unsweetened options.

However, over the course of two to three months, as I delved into testing the Cirkul Sips, I observed the brand undergoing transformations and rebranding efforts. There were subtle shifts in packaging designs, particularly evident in my LifeSips and FitSips selections, suggesting they were in a transitional phase during the packaging process.

It’s worth mentioning that there are additional Sips categories I didn’t explore, such as “Verda,” which employs stevia instead of sucralose, and “Frosted,” promising to transform water into flavors like vanilla iced coffee or pumpkin spice latte (although, based on my experiences with the flavors I did try, my skepticism runs high regarding this claim).

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. I’m here to provide you with an unvarnished review of the Cirkul water bottle, and I must admit that my sentiments are mixed. There are certain aspects of this water bottle that I genuinely appreciate, yet there are other facets that I find rather displeasing.

Overwhelming Artificial Sweetener Flavor Dominates

 Cirkul Water Bottles
Cirkul Water Bottles

The primary issue I encountered with these flavored water bottles lies squarely with the flavors themselves.

In my quest for variety, I sampled nearly 30 different flavors, and regrettably, a significant portion of them was downright unpalatable at their full-strength settings.

Some of them did become somewhat bearable when I dialed down the flavor intensity to its lowest setting, but the overarching problem that persisted was the overpowering taste of artificial sweeteners.

Now, I’m well aware that artificial sweeteners have their fan base—many individuals adore Diet Coke, for instance! However, on a personal note, I can’t help but perceive artificial sweeteners as a bitter and feeble imitation of the genuine sweetness found in natural glucose.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve experimented with numerous sugar-free products over time. I’ve gone through phases of eschewing sugar and sugary beverages, so I have firsthand experience that sugar-free beverages can indeed offer a more enjoyable taste profile.

On occasion, I’ve found stevia to be an acceptable alternative, and a handful of the flavor cartridges I tested featured stevia instead of sucralose (Splenda). Yet, even with this substitution, I didn’t discern a substantial improvement.

To be clear, I do relish a refreshing sugar-free beverage when it’s crafted with finesse, but regrettably, the flavors I encountered with Cirkul didn’t quite hit the mark in that department.

Ranking Cirkul Flavors: My Top Choices
 Cirkul Water Bottles
Cirkul Water Bottles

Before delving into this flavor ranking, I want to emphasize my commitment to providing a completely candid review. It’s crucial to note that, overall, I didn’t develop a strong affinity for any of the Cirkul flavors.

With that said, my personal preferences lean toward the unsweetened options, while I tend to be less enamored with the sweetened citrus varieties.

Having explored a multitude of flavors (although there are still more awaiting my assessment!), I’ve taken the liberty of creating a comprehensive breakdown of my experiences with each. This ranking aims to offer the most transparent and impartial review possible.

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